Management From Hell

How Financial Investor Logic Hijacked Firm Governance


From Robert R. LOCKE


Boostzone Éditions - Collection: Booster RH - February 2012

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    Corporate governance now is strongly controlled by a «caste» of financial investors that forgets employees and other stakeholders as well as society at large. This control is a major cause of our current crisis and of a growing disbelief in modern capitalism. Why and how did this happen? A renowned American historian of management, Robert R. Locke, develops a well-argued and powerful point of view about the limits of financial investor capitalism and shows that more balanced models should be explored, like family business as well as Geman and/or Japanese corporate governance.


    Prologue: Accountants Came To Power

    Chapter 1: The Rise Of Investor Capitalism

    Chapter 2: Ways To Measure Success

    Chapter 3: The Social Cost Of Director Primacy Governance

    Chapter 4: US Income Redistribution Under Investor Capitalism

    Chapter 5: Investor Capitalism And Enterprise Efficiency

    Chapter 6: Learning In The Japanese Classroom

    Chapter 7: The Start-Up Habitat

    Chapter 8: The Quest For 2.0 Network-Centric-Management 


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      NEP-HIS Blog, 2012-05-30
      Review by Professor H. Thomas Johnson

      This review has been written by a great expert, H. Thomas Johnson, Professor of Business, Portland State University, Oregon (USA) and is published on Bernardo Batiz-Lazo business history blog.

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